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Name:  The Toy Warrior

Year: 2005

Language: Tamil [Original Audio]

Quality: 480p DVDRip

Size: 400MB

Audio provider: Sairam jeyarajan

Encoded by: ToonWorldTamil


480p [GDrive] 400MB [FIRST ON NET]

Jinoo is a kind-hearted boy who has a lot of toys in his bedroom and who likes to play with them, even though his classmates- especially the other boys -are way more interested in sports and flirting with girls. He does well at skate-boarding.

Jinoo considers his toys as real, alive beings, and his best friend, Ping, is a backpack he saved one day, preventing him from being thrown with garbage.

Most of the kids in his class always laugh at him because of his big interest in toys, making his life boring with no real, human friends. When Sherbet joins his class- referring to herself as “Sherry” -he wants to befriend her, but fails and ends up fighting with her every time they meet.

Jinoo has always wanted to be a hero. His favourite toy is an action figure called the Toy Warrior, and he wanted to be just like him. He finally becomes a hero when he enters the Land of Toys, a world of pure imagination where all the toys are alive. When the kingdom is in danger, Jinoo learns thanks to Sherbet that in this world of imagination, he can transform into one single toy. Jinoo immediately decides to turn into his hero the Toy Warrior, and this decision grants him all of his powers and style : a shining armor, a Booster Pack, and the famous “glowing sword of Justice”.


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